The P.T.A. Managing Committee comprises of parent representatives from each standard and division as well as teachers.As per the rule of the Education Department new parents volunteer to be part of the P.T.A. The committee meets regularly. Each and every parent is a member of the P.T.A.

We, the parents and teachers of D.P.Y.A have a vision and a mission to see that our children are happy at home and at school. At the Parent- Teacher meetings we get the opportunity to interact with the Principal and teachers regarding the problems and progress of the school.

With the team spirit of the Management and P.T.A we have taken magnificent strides by introducing ‘Educomp’ thus revolutionizing the concept of classroom education.

Discipline has to be maintained, for in this age of advanced technology children are prone to misuse the same. So we at D.P.Y.A strive to see that our children lead purposeful lives and make us, their parents, their school and their country, proud.