The DPYA has been running its Conservation Club for a number of years. Recently they have teamed up with Sanctuary Asia’s “ Kids for Tiger” programme wherein they have actively participated in all their competitions like Poster making, Elocution, Drawing, Junk music etc… The conservation club children are taught to take a pledge on Protecting and Preserving Nature.


An audio – visual programme regarding environmental protection was conducted on 5th July 2019 by Mrs. Priti Takle, Co-ordinator of the schools for the ‘Kids for Tigers’ organization. It focused on Global Warming and other environmental issues as well as remedies to solve them.

A teacher’s workshop on environmental awareness was conducted on 9th August 2019 at Somaiya School, Vidyavihar. Students from our school signed on a banner given by the ‘Kids for Tigers’ organization. It was a petition to pledge that we will save & protect mother nature. More than 500 signatures were collected.

Few students from Std V were taken to Five Gardens for a nature walk. These students were addressed by Mrs. Katy Bagli who acquainted them with useful information about trees, flowers and insects. They were pleased by her visit and gained knowledge about trees like – Mahogany, Copper Pod, Wild Almond, Peepal, Banyan, Oleandar, Kasod, etc… Mrs. Bagli also gifted our school, the book ‘Trees of Dadar Parsee Colony’ which is written by herself. A copy of this book is kept in our library.

Cheers also to the entire team of children who decorated the DPYA stall with banners, lovely charts and models. And sincere thanks to all the teachers who helped the children